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“The stremma [Greek: στρέμμα, strémma] is a Greek unit of land area equal to 1.000sqm”

Located right in front of a protected lake, on the southwest on Naxos, Stremma assembles a set of 2 minimal Villas, made out of local granite stone. While the one shows off the raw form of granite, the other has been whitewashed to give a more Cyclades island feeling. *A private (side) road leads straight to the beach, that is only 100m away. The 2 Villas are suitable for up to 2 adults each and they are designed to embody that slow and relaxed summer living. Along with their private verandas and jacuzzies, they offer the perfect leisure and resting holidays. Whether you’re looking for some kite/windsurf fun or just a retreat, Stremma is the choice for you. Large pergolas made of chestnut tree and dressed with bamboo, provide lots of sunshade, making the outdoor sitting an enjoyable experience throughout the whole day. Terraces look over the sea towards the islands of Paros, Ios and Sikinos.

*(upon request the Loft Villa can accommodate a child with an extra cost)

{ Stremma is an ?Greek? Eco-friendly project. A square shaped plot with a 7m inclination, that welcomes two minimalistic Villas on the crest of a cedar protected forest and lagoon. All materials for the construction were handpicked from local suppliers (cement, marble, wood etc.). The residence is made out of granite stone and is partly whitewashed, with a spaced garden at the entrance welcoming the guests. Both Villas enclose their own smaller greeneries, in private verandas, that complements the jacuzzi and outdoor sitting area.

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**Walking distance from Hawaii beach via the coastline pathway.


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